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 Another from the everything-in-the-oven category:

Preheat the oven to 350.

Place four pork loin chops (butterflied) into a pan.  Salt and pepper to taste and coat with your supermarket variety balsamic salad dressing.  Easiest to use are those handy or horrifying spray-salad dressings.

In a seperate vessel, add four cups (two cans) chicken stock, one cup corn meal, three garlic cloves (minced), half an onion (minced), and about a cup of frozen spinach.  Add salt and pepper to taste and a generous splash of lemon juice.  To avoid choppy type prep, omit onions and garlic (it will still be yummy).  With a wire whisk, stir generously.

Wrap three or four shucked corn cobs in tin foil with some salt and pepper and butter or margarine.  Place on a cookie sheet.

Cover polenta and pork chops.

Stick everything in the oven.

Set your timer for ten minutes - you will need to stir the polenta every ten minutes or it will burn to the bottom.  If the liquid in the pan with the pork chops disappears, add a little more dressing.

After about forty minutes, everything will be ready.  After about a half hour, check the pork chops for doneness.  Pork is finished when internal temperature is 165 degrees F (it cooks when you take it out of the oven).  Don't worry if the other items aren't finished - let the meat rest a bit so the juices can be reabsorbed into the meat.

Total Cookery:  45 minutes, depending on prep